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Cloven Hoofed Satan is by far a much kinder beast, but nothing more than an artistic archetype. A state of consciousness, as is the theory of the One-God… It’s time to stop believing into monotheistic tales, written down by the servants of a patriarchal society, as-though heaven “n” hell was a plan at the center of the Great Mystery! (the universe) – Oh Wait… there is no Mystery for them!…

Great atrocities have been committed by man against animal, humanity and the earth, in the name of god(s) and progress.

It is suggested that science is self correcting and it would seem that monotheism is also? The advanced civilization that invaded the indigenous peoples and nature, at this time has proven itself, not be self correcting.

Look at the physical reality that we exist in today, only a human could have possibly created this situation, if one is searching for demons to blame, we need only to look in the mirror and what we are consuming, in terms of product of which derives from the earth, and the renewable resources, such as the animal agriculture industry. It’s all right there on our dinner plate!

Photo 1888 – Poison a Cheyenne woman almost 100-years-old:…/File:Poison,_a_Cheyenne_wom…

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Cozy place, but the streets await
Prints left by my boot
Stardust sits…
Right on my boots
A soft seat, a checkered plaid
A trigger not pulled in time
A sunny day
In dreams that blind

My blood type, pinned on my sleeve
And my number and rank, there on the sleeve
Wish me luck in the battles to come
Wish me , now, please
Not to lay there in the grass
Not to lay dead in the grass
Wish me luck in the battle
Wish me luck in… the battle

Yes I could pay, but I do not want
To win at any cost
I do not want
My boots on somebody’s throat
I want to stay here with you
Simply stay here with you
But the star up high in the sky
Urges me forth

My blood type, pinned on my sleeve
And my number and rank, there on the sleeve
Wish me luck in the battles to come
Wish me , now, please
Not to lay there in the grass
Not to lay dead in the grass
Wish me luck in the battle
Wish me luck in… the battle

Cozy place, but the streets await Prints left by my boot Stardust sits… Right on my boots A soft seat, a checkered plaid A trigger not pulled in time A sunny day In dreams that blind My blood type, pinned on my sleeve And my number and rank, there on the sleeve Wish me luck in the battles to come Wish me , now, please Not to lay there in the grass Not to lay dead in the grass Wish me luck in the battle Wish me luck in… the battle Yes I could pay, but I do not want To win at any cost I do not want My boots on somebody’s throat I want to stay here with you Simply stay here with you But the star up high in the sky Urges me forth My blood type, pinned on my sleeve And my number and rank, there on the sleeve Wish me luck in the battles to come Wish me , now, please Not to lay there in the grass Not to lay dead in the grass Wish me luck in the battle Wish me luck in… the battle

A Currancy Exchange of Capitalism

A Currency Exchange of Capitalism is the action of purchasing product or items for our use as necessity or for pleasure, the whole industrialized world functions on this system of trade, there are other methods (like trade and barter) but currently the is the one most of us use.

Money is not fundamental to capitalism. Capitalism could exist just fine without money. Money (according to Marx) is a commodity just like any other commodity. The only difference is that many commodities have a use-value that would still exist outside of capitalism. (food can still be eaten, shoes could still be worn etc.) Money on the other hand has as it’s only use-value that it lubricates the process of exchange. Money does not have a stable exchange value because it is used as a unit to measure the exchange value of other commodities. When you go through a process of exchange to get money, money is not actually the thing that you want, but rather, you see money as it’s potential to quickly and easily exchange itself for other commodities.

To ‘abolish money’ would make capitalism slower and more cumbersome.

There are places in the world where money is not the most efficient commodity at lubricating exchange. In a sense money “losses” its use-value. In places where the exchange value of money tends to go down quickly or change rapidly people often will use a different commodity to store their wealth in. This other commodity can become a ‘new money’ even though it has an alternate use value and was not designed for this purpose. As long as commodities exist, there will be a commodity that performs the task of money.

A better known and more humorous story about money is when money gains additional use-values. There have been times and places where money was not properly performing its function of lubricating exchange because it’s exchange value was so low. (We have all heard stories about pre-WWII Germany where it took a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread.) At these times and places people find new uses for their gigantic stacks of useless money such as, wall paper, kindiling, or even fuel for a fire for heat or cooking purposes.

The main critics I can see of ‘Money’ are the Zeitgeist Movement wingnuts. They argue instead for a “resource based economy” which is an entirely meaningless term. To refer to the world as ‘resources’ already shows a degree of alienation and strongly hints towards a replication of the commodity-form.

Abolishing money does nothing to end the State, end Capitalism, end Prison, Borders, Imperialist War, Wealth/Poverty, White Supremacist Settler-Colonialism, Cis-Hetero-Patriarchy, Alienation, Work, etc., etc., or any of the constant abuses that come from these things.

My desire is the complete collapse of industrial society!

For more on Money and Commodities read: Capital by Karl Marx For further reading:‘capitalist’-society-some-implications-organisation-and

Art by KRA

ZDZISLAW BESINSKI — Untitled (?) Zdzislaw Beksinski

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also known as alcohol use disorder
is a broad term for problems with ethanol
commonly referred to as alcohol
and generally refers to alcohol addiction
which is the compulsive and uncontrolled consumption of alcohol beverages
usual to the detriment of drinkers health,
personal relationships,
and social settings
it is medically considered as a disease
specifically an addictive illness
there are two main types of alcohol abuse
alcohol dependence
alcohol misuse has the potential to damage almost every organ in the body
including the brain
the effects of chronic alcohol abuse can cause both medical and psychiatric problems
one who has alcoholism
is called
an alcoholic

Kerry M Redwood Atjecoutay

Chemical Warfare and Colonization

Alcohol was an integral part of the colonization process. Everything from creating alcoholic abusive behavior within what used to be peaceful Native groups and tribes to pacifying slave revolts. European Christian colonists used alcohol and other drugs as a chemical weapon of warfare in their genocidal and ethnic cleansing, mistreatment, and exploitation of indigenous peoples. Alcohol, marijuana and tobacco became tools of privilege creating hierarchy as those who had more access to these could sell them for the labor of others. Once tobacco became known for its profit, indigenous people, slaves, and indentured servants were put to work on lands that were taken by brutal force from the Natives. Alcohol and drugs were used for their pacifying and numbing effects. As the wild and free became more intoxicated and distracted from the reality of their rapidly changing existence, they began to internalize the hatred imposed upon them. With the development of an identity crisis the process of assimilation took place as many indigenous and other people of color became a target for capitalists who profit from social intoxication. And now the masses are pacified with marijuana, who are demanding a reform and it to be legalized, putting it in the hands of the oppressors as a controlled substance, another means of control taxing the consumers and using the funds for governmental power! By impairing and debilitating the emotional and physical arsenal foundational to self-liberation, intoxication culture is an obstacle in the way of revolutionary organizing and attack. The revolutionary act of overcoming these obstacles and addictions in pursuit of self-liberation is nothing less than an outspoken refusal to be tamed and pacified, It is a refusal to promote and participate in a culture which aids the destruction of others.

Lakota Woman – photographer Unknown:

Kerry M Redwood Atjecoutay


It would seem, that at times this is all that we have is hope. Reflecting on the enormous task of “change”, changing our relationship with the planet and how we as a species conducted ourselves through our activities, specifically industrial society. For me and what I understand, the individuals of mass soceity are willing to change only certain aspect of life, of the the consumerist lifestyles.

The relationship we currently enable is one of degradation, oppression and for some unconscious to the ways we relate, to each other and to the animals, the task at hand maybe so enormous that it can not be seen, beyond the comprehension of any kind of direct action, that we believe are taking. Taking into consideration the consuming habits of the general population who reside in the “advanced industrialized nations”, understanding the all product derive from an industrial manufactured source, that affects the ecosystem that we are destroying with our collective activities, it is as though we are addicts who for the life of humanity can not change, and the only way out maybe is to “hit rock bottom” (this is a term used when people are recovering from drug addiction) and maybe this will be the only time when people realize that their relationship with industrial society is one of “codependency” (another term used in psychology for an involvement of a bad relationship with a spouse or lover)

So at this point maybe hope is all we have. It is evident to me, I don’t know about others, that most consumers are not willing to change, or is it… that I am the one who is feeling hopeless and I am simply projecting my insecurities.

Writing about this subject is a continuous task, I have in hope that industrial soceity and human population growth, will be seen for what it really is, the only evil that really exists for all the entire sentient world!

My desire is to rewild the planet, of which is a hopeless task and may only be accomplished by a total collapse of industrial soceity!

Harvesting the Biosphere: The Human Impact

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Kerry M Redwood Atjecoutay

A person who lives there life in the most ethical way possible, has no place in the general population of industrial soceity – by denouncing product consumption, abstaining from the most lethal, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana (drugs) animal products, processed foods, etc, (most that are manufactured by industrial society). Also abstaining from popular activities that are deemed normal by the general public, such as organized religion, events that are celebrated on a national and globally level and of course all other popular events.
This can be seen as anti social, but in the time of the ancients this was a mystic or a monk, at times practicing alone or as a group, and these mystics were constant in many cultures all over the world, and they still do exist to this day. The ones that the general population refused to take into consideration when they are professing their view – on the order of life, that is currently lived out by the general population, and if and when they do, they are either chastised, “not quite right in the head”, murdered, crucified or simply ignored seen as weird and or crazy – not worthy of any attention whatsoever, because they are not talking about things that stimulate the egocentrism of “human nature”!
BUT certain aspects of society may have been influenced and or inspired by mystics and monks, at most there name is used and there tellings mostly discarded because they did not fit the general mentality of the public opinion.

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The corporate-governments of the world are the responsible party. In fact they enable the consumption of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and marijuana!… most no longer have control over their bodies, as a mass we are easily manipulated, because we have been severed from any real sense of group decision making, as tribal peoples once had, consumers acting as individuals, and are not necessarily thinking of others as they would like to believe, as they would have if they were in true communal society, this is a deliberate act by the upper echelons of civil industrial society, so that there is a codependent relationship that has been formulated, which cause mass society to be dependent and then addicted to the conveniences of industrial society. Therefore I don’t trust most of what is said about liberation and revolution, revolution is really revolving power, even if it was communism or socialism the mass’s still need to consume and to be sedated, imposing their “mass consumer” will upon others who are innocent and less fortunate, like animals and tribal peoples. Ultimately exploiting the earth, with there need to sustain civil industrial society.

There is a fine example of a person, who is looked at as a kind of leader, who people believe and listens too, that’s John Trudell, who has now passed on, who had some very important things to say, but he was addicted to marijuana, tobacco and factory farmed animal flesh, and why didn’t he figured this out, that what he was consuming was not coherent to what he points out as inconsistency in modern civilization. Also, many consumers are pointing at a group of rich people as the oppressors and fear world domination, but are not willing to look at themselves as part of the problem, who are in fact collaborating with world domination, as it has already happened, by consumer society, until the consumer start to look at themselves and realized the power they hold, I will not take their word into consideration, when they speak of liberation, when it is evident that they are not willing grant the same liberties to those whom they are consuming!

This undercurrent developed with the rise of domestication, deepening and strengthening with the onset of the enveloping hopelessness of the first cities. As David T. Courtwright so keenly observed in Forces of Habit: Drugs and the Making of the Modern World:
“Humans evolved as gatherers (hunter) in itinerant bands. After the Neolithic Revolution, most of them lived as peasants in crowded, oppressive, and disease-ridden societies. The misery and grinding poverty that were the lot of 90 percent of humanity in the early modern would go far toward explaining why tobacco, marijuana and other novel drugs became objects of mass consumption. They were unexpected weapons against the human condition, newfound tools of escape from the mean prison of everyday existence.”The once-free were no longer so. Trapped inside, the now-broken were under a constant barrage of fear – the fierce coercion of the Big Man, the uncertainty of early agricultural food production, even the water that was once trusted to sustain was poisoned, diseased. It was no mere accident that the use of intoxicants grew rapidly into regular inoculations. In fact, inoculation is often what one intoxicant provided, as Bert L. Vallee discussed in Alcohol in the Western World: A History, his June 1998 Scientific American article:
“In the context of contaminated water supply, ethyl alcohol may indeed have been mother’s milk to a nascent Western civilization. Beer and wine were free of pathogens. And the antiseptic power of alcohol, as well as the natural acidity of wine and beer, killed many pathogens when the alcoholic drinks were diluted with the sullied water supply.”

Interconnectedness is a two way street. It’s nobodies right to poison their (our) children, community, environment or endeavors with the essence of oppression, the essence of greed and the essence of consumerism. How odd it is as anarchists to be so vexatious against brand names, advertising and capitalist economy but then sit down with a fucking red white and blue beer can and get drunk on the same shit that whites use to kill the indigenous nations of the Earth! How odd as a Vegan to care so deeply about the inherent rights of an ant or mosquito, but then smoke a joint that feeds a direct consumer link to cartel violence that enslaves whole cities and providences of indigenous peoples and Latinos for the drug lords reign!

Painting – Shapeshifter by Kerry Redwood Atjecoutay

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Capitalist Pig, Bitch, Mad Cow, Yellow Chicken, Rezdog… No one of our relations is left safe from those insulting expressions which impregnates us so deeply that usually we let them out to despite ourselves. This vocabulary is not only scornful toward the animals but also it is unjust: the cows are mad only since they were forced feed with residual meat powder instead of their traditional vegetarian menu, the chicken are courageously facing their sad existences, a pig is dirty only if his concentration camp is not well-washed, and if a Rezdog claims to have a frenetic sexual activity, he would only be productive once a year in the dogs true matriarchal society in which a bitch is not a prostitute but a caring mother. This disrespect is significant: it is through the linguistic gathering that we conceive our thought, that we extract a sense from it, then a conscience, that moreover we pretend to be a human essence. What we call our language is the reveller of the out-look build on the creation and from the position that the human being imagine to take up in her name. So be it, to speak about environment instead of invoking the nature shows how the anthropocentric materialism dominates our actual system of thinking: the environment is not much than a pre-text surrounding this God in which the being recognizes his ego; he is no more the nature, this lost animist bliss, forgotten into the incarnate worlds reign. Following the religions that have already separated us from the life by conferring to the creation a divine status, the science teaches us to see in it as an escapee from the chaos mechanic, and governed by disincarnated laws. From now on we are ignoring the language of the nature or we only know it from diverse translation, religious or mechanical. But our explanations are false because the beauty is exiled. The one who loves the nature perceives a manifest form of solitude- her solitude- that lonely among the poets and the animals, may be, understand yet – The animal condition is the silent testimony of all that we have lost on our way: we who pretend to be human will only be relieved when contemplating with dread the whys and the wherefores, the nature has been abducted from the lands of our spirits

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Overlooking an entire industry that is responsible for water contamination.