We now live in a world where doctors destroy health,
lawmakers destroy justice, education institutions destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information,religion destroys morals, science destroys nature based realties and or tribal spirituals, the banks destroy our economy and consumers are attempting to destroy nature the largest living entity that is directly related to every living being on Earth.

By Unknown

Is it not true that civilized man has become a parasite!

and what is their purpose.

An irony it is, but of course the civilized parasite serves a purpose, all parasites have a propose, its not always up to the civilized thinker to determine what that purpose is! contemporary civilized man is so egocentric that it is aways stating what its own purpose is, as well as for others, whether it be tribal peoples, who they believe are ignorant and superstitious, or animals who to civilized man are unaware of the chaos mechanism of nature that can only be determent with a microscope and mathematics to measure it, or plants that science have manipulated, could it be that their propose is to prove to the tribal peoples who survived their attack as well as the rest of nature, that being as civil as they are is not the evolutionary direction that was intended by nature? civilized man and all their institution have denied any of the nature based realties of is spiritual existence, but on the other hand I just might be ironic or egocentric as well, I detest civilized man, its governments monotheism science corporations, they have manifested the destiny we all exist in, RIGHT NOW!