March 15, 2014



I’ve come to tie me to a post. However, I walked into the police full of good intentions. I wanted to serve. Protect. I wanted to do good. Be useful in the service of society. At Nicolet, he told us protect and serve, but everyone knows that it is meaningless. We are a paramilitary organization.Our job in the police, the repression, as said Francoeur.

Granada deafening, cayenne pepper, teaser, armored tank, plastic bullets guns, gas masks, guns, batons, shields. I hit the world, I threw flashbang, I pummeled the world, I tease, I peppery. I attenderai not to gun down one. There is a minding
policeman. A group culture. Space makes it impossible to speak. Making it impossible to question. Making it impossible to diverge. You follow orders worse you close your Yeul. You have the strongest worse you close your Yeul. Worse at the bottom, you’re scared, but you’re armed. You like that, you’re powerful. You’re untouchable. I would not be one of those on the other side, those who spend their lives trying to survive. Those who live in street. Those who are bullies, day after day, without anyone saying anything, because deep down, everyone in CALISSE. At the same time, I can no more, I am more able to be the one holding the baton, who destroyed that night.

I have been able to hear a cop say to a girl that’s her fault if she is attacked, it is her fault, she raced after, worse than in the background is a drag. I have been able to hear my colleagues in the background that tell women it’s normal … it’s normal to be treated the same. I have been able to ship the same young people, day after day, night after night, for the sole reason of being born in the wrong place. Bad neighborhood, wrong time, wrong color. Criss What is justice? Justice, it is fear. Justice is the baton. Justice, it hanging from a rope. Then in the background, you can kill ben few. It’s just parasites of society. Better dead than alive. We we order. The police power is total, legitimate. No matter what you do, everyone in fucking. Everyone thinks we nobody disputes us. We order. The police is a microcosm, it is a closed, hermetic universe, immune to criticism. You come at someone, thou beaten, you’re gonna have a paid leave for two weeks. Ultimately, you have a case of brutality worse it will look good in your case, your sergeant will be happy, he will be confident, he knows that in the end, you got it in the blood. You’re a police officer, a real one. I thought that with all that has happened, maybe people would have changed. But nothing really changes. Taken in our little cocoon, we live our lives without asking too many questions.Ca not seem to be ready to change: every shift is the same, they insult, they beat it kills itself. Worse no matter the sign that will elect the job remains the same because it protects. They protect us, they are protected.

We are untouchable.
But I am more capable.
I will not be complicit.