Fluffy Vegan Waffles

Shine On Beautiful

Who doesn’t love waking up in the morning to that delicious sweet enticing smell of fluffy waffles?! Just simple plain waffles! 20140311-145410.jpgUnfortunately, my husband doesn’t know how to cook so he gets to wake up to that incredible smell, while I have to get up and actually make the darn things (oh honey, I love you). But here’s the thing: I get to lick the spatula.

I have been wanting a waffle maker for sometime now. My parents gave us a broken one a few years ago. The handle was missing so when you lifted the lid to remove the waffles you had better not forget the oven-mits…yeah that happened several times. Owch. Eventually, it was smashed and thrown away never to be seen again bit the dust. Seriously though, that waffle maker was fun while it lasted.

The first few days we had our new waffle maker I think…

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