Humbly awaiting!

The attack of propaganda has been nothing less than tactical. The deceit is so thick – you need a chainsaw  to cut through it. The corruption and greed so deep you need a miracle to stay above it and a skindiving suit to wade through the defecation of the corporate-governments. An alluring tapestry of luminous lies, interwoven with finely textured deception and silk-like corruption – as smooth and seductive as an Armani suit freshly dry-cleaned . The pursuit of man’s mind by way of domination has been the greatest and most successful experiment that has resulted in a massive erosion of empathy, allowing status quo “business as usual” to continue uninterrupted with little resistance. Corporate -government, education, science-technology and mono-atheism  effectively bred a contempt for our Earth that multiplied like a virus. The pollution of mind mutated into narcissism with inflicted self-hatred to form a suicidal insanity denying his own mine-freedom stating technology will save him! Those who have succumbed now hold hands in a circle and taunt the very planet that gives us life. The ugly side of humanity continues to violently pierce our  Mother with drills and piss on  her beautiful skin with acid rain. Yet, when she lashes back, it will be with an massive and destructive deathblow against which our own actions will resemble childish prattle. And perhaps not until this time will consumer society finally recognize that our shared purpose was not to compete with one another and claim dominance and superiority over each other and our Mother – but rather our role was to protect, defend and nurture. The animal family – under the arm of the cooperate-government and the consumer RACE  – will have finally succeeded in conquering our shared planet, only to find that we have destroyed ourselves.