SCIENCE -Earth First Manifesto

Much as with religion, science also seeks for truth in the external world. These twin strands of our development have each, in their own way, wreaked havoc on our lives whilst assuring us that they are the means of our salvation. Whilst religion busied itself in the metaphysical realm, science took apart the world in search of knowledge that might be put to our advantage. That both should have the absolute right to their enquiries was never open to question, though it now seems clear that it is we who are being asked to pay the price. For as science travels ever further into a world that would have once seemed metaphysical, it has opened the door to an unknown and frightening future.

The first and most obvious consequence of the ability of science to tamper with the building blocks of nature now hangs heavy over the world. Each of us has to live with the knowledge that total annihilation by nuclear weapons is possible. Yet we are also told that those who developed this science are people of genius. If this is so then may we all be saved from the curse of genius. The continuing enquiries into the fundamental properties of matter now threaten to deliver a whole raft of new technologies, whose effects will certainly not be to help us develop a more natural and sustainable life. This research is generally undertaken for the benefit of business, and where the motivation is money little good is likely to come of it.

Earth First Manifesto utterly deplores the genetic manipulation of animal lives for any reason, as it also deplores altering the underlying genetic structure of plants. That this is now being done, not for some supposed good, but for reasons of commercial exploitation is totally unacceptable. All those who care for the Earth should oppose this warped science in whatever way possible. Notwithstanding the unknown and possibly catastrophic consequences of such tampering, it is an ethical obscenity.

All life is born equal and should never be subjected to such treatment. The horror felt at eugenic experiments on human animals is equally well directed at this development. The world of science is increasingly like that of the horror film, whose stories of man made monsters now seem eerily like a warning.

Humans have also become the subject of experiment as science seeks the unholy grail of creating life in the laboratory. Not content with control of our lives, it seems that we might soon be born designed to some blueprint devised by the corporate state. Any opposition to this process is dismissed as backward looking fundamentalism seeking to block the progress of science. What it is, in fact, is the last stand of common sense. To be born a compliant clone, programmed to willing participation in the brave new techno world is not to be born at all, it is to be made. All semblance of self determination removed, no better than an automaton. Even the acknowledged father of the modern scientific paradigm, Descartes, said “I am therefore I think”. It seems that, if science has its way, this privilege may be denied to us.

Science is the basis of technology and technology is the basis of business. As business is now master of the political process, the state always accepts the word of science as gospel. How often do we now hear the mantra, “but we must accept the science”? How often do we then have to sit back and watch the appalling consequences unfold? Animal health crises; abuse in action. Unfolding epidemics; drugs only recently introduced already useless. Always science believes that it knows better than the natural balance of the Earth established over aeons.

Some humility would not go amiss, for the maxim that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing has proved all too true. Wherever and however possible we must oppose the monster that science has become. We must reject its arrogant belief that it has the right do whatever it wishes. There is little point in realising that we no longer need the authority of a religious master, only to find ourselves subjected to an even worse tyranny. Do not expect the state to redress the balance for it is already bought and paid for, fully signed up to this journey into darkness. Once again it is for those of us who care to take matters into our own hands and do something about it.

I will continue posting from the Earth First Manifesto