AEROPLANES – Earth First Manifesto


The only reasonable way to describe aeroplanes is as the largest toxic tin cans in the world. It is now well known that the single fastest growing source of the gasses that contribute to global warming, an innocuous name for a potentially lethal process, is aircraft emissions. Despite this, governments once more choose to ignore the facts and, instead, do everything within their power to encourage the ever more rapid increase in air transport, both of people and freight. Aviation fuel is exempt from duty enabling a massive increase in cheap foreign holidays, whilst the number of flights carrying consumer goods has also increased enormously, due to the rapid expansion of the global economy. If governments were to introduce personal carbon allowances, even a lenient annual limit would be more than swallowed up by one medium range flight. The truly concerned person has only one real option which is to decide not to use air travel at all. However, it is not merely personal travel that we are talking about, for how many of the things that we buy have been transported from their point of origin or manufacture by air? In the age of the global economy and the sourcing of products from the point of cheapest manufacture, the chances are that it will be the majority. As will become increasingly obvious there is much to consider and virtually no aspect of our lives that does not need to come under scrutiny. If we, or the things that we buy, travel by air we have no choice but to concede that we are contributing to a major cause of climate catastrophe. This is an area in which we can make a vital contribution to a sustainable future. Remember, if we don’t use it they won’t be able to provide it. That is the simplicity of the system of supply and demand that we can turn to our advantage, which empowers each of us that chooses to change and enables us to make a difference. How far we feel able to go in making these changes will become the subject of an ongoing conversation between ourselves and an ever evolving conscience.