I plant myself strongly, here in this reality!

Buddhism, interpretation of the supposed reality we exist in or outside of.

Are the branches of the trees really the roots and birds are fish that can fly, Tribal peoples of my region have a shape-shifting perception of existence, for them and some of us who still carry this reality, exist strongly here on the earth simply because to further neglect  her would deny  her of the struggle she endures at the hand of civilized man, so therefore to us it is not a dream, and as a spiritual indigenous person I plant myself strongly, here in this reality! And continue to point out the inconsistencies of civilized doctrine that have a tenancy to confuse the issues and I am not saying that Buddhism is inconsistent, just that the concept of the dream  in relation to how tribal peoples relate to the earth, it is one of the same realties that coexist  and tribal people were at one time completely immersed in the reality of nature and who themselves were nature as well, if the animals and earth suffer so do the natural peoples.