Myaamia (Miami Indian) Clothing Pre-Contact (FAQ)


What kinds of clothing did Myaamia (Miami Indian) people wear prior to contact with Europeans?

In the period of time prior to contact with Europeans, Myaamia people wore clothing made from hides: leggings, breechcloth, moccasins, skirts, shirts, and added large blanket robes during colder weather.[1] The bison robes held by the Musée de l’Homme in Paris are one of the finest examples of painted winter robes (see image below).[2] In addition to bison hide, Myaamia people utilized beaver, elk, mountain lion, wildcat, wolf, otter, and most commonly of all: white-tailed deer.  During the summer months, Myaamia people wore as little clothing as necessary.  There are many early European accounts of Myaamia men wearing only a breechcloth and moccasins during hot weather.  Some early accounts describe Myaamia men as naked during warmer weather, but this was probably an exaggeration as the breechcloth left all of the upper body and…

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