Snippets of Middles of Ongoing Email Chats: David Watts & Ria Montana

vegan anarchist primitivist

D – Would Gary Francione agree that civilisation is speciesism, as humans discriminate against wildness? Gary refuses to walk on grass. However, walking on concrete is speciesism, as this permits humans to dominate (and discriminate) a specific area to the detriment of much other lifeforms. If so, does he recognise the inconsistency of us all?

… People are so entrenched that they would be willing to hold on to perspectives (indeed, do hold on to perspectives) while biodiversity continues to be decimated.

…How many anti-civ self-rewilding ‘man the hunters’ are even considering fire as perhaps THE catalyst? Cooking?

R – When a conversation rolls to the topic of the potentiality of controlled fire and/or cooking serving as catalysts for humans adapting into an invasive species, what follows is often a tense, livid reaction that goes nowhere fast. It’s ironic that some anti-civ primitivists easily see through deep denials of pro-civ pedagogy, but seem…

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