A CYNICAL JOKE UPON THE BODIES OF THE INNOCENT !…A reality that most refuse to acknowledge.


When I see photos of barbecues, and the pieces of flesh on them, I think that’s a piece of somebody who was raised in confinement, most likely only a few years old, whose life was miserable while alive, body was pumped full of antibiotics because the conditions were and still are poor and crowded – disease is rampant, along with the other drugs and chemicals, that are used to keep them in this extremely and abnormal way. The animal agriculture industry is sicking – once you’ve realized… what’s going on inside them and the negative effects it has on the nature!

Then there are the cynical and sarcastic jokes that come with pointing this sickness out!… or even those who think that this is normal, WELL what so normal about contributing to global degradation, mass species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution and let’s not forget about the land theft, millions of acres have been stolen  and are still being taken from indigenous peoples in south america and in the past in north america, and not only are  the cows pigs and hens are affected, also the free-living animals as well.

In fact this is a big fucking joke, played out on the people who are totally oblivious to what they are contributing to, and if they do know this, they are most certainly evil for doing so – not so funny is it, also when you think about all the children who will inherit this  dysfunctional learnt behavior, another generation who will continue with the degradation!

And the shit about the free roaming grass feed slaves, this is still exploitation, also an industry that contributes to the global degradation!


ps… this is not up for debate, industrial society (man) is an invasive species!