I have the right to see the world in such away, as to have the ability to see it for what it really is, a dysfunctional industrial society. Its sense of logic is oppressive, coercive, and diverts you away from seeing the degradation, caused by its supposed progress, that has manipulated the indigenous peoples into believing that its civil liberties are far more superior than what we had before colonization, there intention is obvious to me, its noticed in their anthropocentric philosophy on life, and it’s physically being in the way they treat their animals, and then the territory they occupy, it’s for the purpose of financial gain, and in this process much has been neglected and killed, like I stated you see it in the animals, what’s left of the indigenous peoples, and the land itself.

If we use our mind in a clear and coherent manner, then we will not accept the unacceptable. – John Trudell

It is obvious that the majority of the population are not using this manner of coherency, the people have become servants to the system of industrial society.

Most are thinking about work, what to buy at the grocery store for supper, how to fit in the schedule the children, when can we go and visit the relatives, BUT… work is the preoccupation that dominates the people’s lives and everything else is organized around it – the life of an industrial currency dependent servant-slave.

The sickness has taken the minds, bodies and spirits of what was once innocent!

Industrial Society – domestication and greed will collapse under the weight of its own violence and cruelty.

…and western logic will follow, how rational!


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