To Be Wild, by Ria

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In psychology one of the ‘hot topics’ exciting to explore is the ‘feral child’, i.e. children who for one reason or another are either socially isolated or abandoned in ‘the wild’ during their earliest years. This excitement filled the director and psychologist who called me in for a special meeting. They ran a nonprofit for young children and families with emotional and behavioral issues. As the intake room head teacher, my job was to assess incoming children and help them get acclimated to the setting, a process that typically took 3-6 months. At this sad but oddly upbeat meeting, my supervisors first reminded me of my duty to privacy. This was a case that could draw much publicity if leaked, which would be especially embarrassing to the child’s grandfather, a high ranking US government official.

His wealth afforded lavish lifestyles for his daughter, her husband and their son ‘Charlie’. Unbeknownst to him, his…

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