The Animal Movement is Doomed

Armory of the Revolution

Animal Rights advocates believe animals have the same right to be here as do humans.
Animal Rights advocates believe animals have the same rights not to be exploited, enslaved, or murdered as we humans claim for ourselves.
Animal Rights advocates believe the test of the value of life is not intelligence, reason, or speech, but whether or not one can suffer.
Animal Rights advocates believe all sentient life is equally valuable and should be protected.

What do we know?

We know that more animals are suffering and dying now than ever before in history.
We know that the Animal Holocaust is increasing.
We know that 60 billion animals are murdered in slaughterhouses every year.
We know that figure was 15 billion fifty years ago.
We know the human population is growing faster than we are recruiting animal activists and vegans.
We know that capitalism is the primary cause of animal…

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