Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment

Animal Holocaust came with industrialization……….It will continue as long as industrial society exists……….There was very little killing of animals in pre-industrial society, so little that it was almost zero compared to the trillions of animals killed by industrial society…….Comparing pre-industrial killing of animals with industrial killing of animals is like comparing the Lamp with the Sun.

Industrial society has tortured, slaughtered and decimated millions of land and marine species………Industrial society has killed billions of wild animals by destroying forests with industry……..Industrial society has killed trillions of farm animals in industrial slaughter houses……….Industrial society has killed trillions of fish with industrial fishing……..Industrial society has tortured millions of animals in zoos, circuses and science laboratories.

Industrial slaughter houses came with industrialization……..Meat and Fish Industry (which exists because of electricity, oil, transportation and refrigeration) came with industrialization……..Industrial society has killed trillions of animals and fish………The only way to stop this holocaust is by eradicating industrial society which has barely existed for hundred years.

Animal Holocaust is happening in this world every minute, every second………There was very little killing of animals for food or any other reason in pre-industrial society.

Genocide of animals cannot be stopped without eradicating industrial society.

Today you can go to the market and buy unlimited quantity of meat…….This was not possible in pre-industrial society when most of the people lived in villages and there was hardly any meat market.

The nonsense of eating meat or fish every day or several times a week is a consequence of industrialization.

In pre-industrial society only those who lived near the river or ocean could eat fish every day……….In industrial society billions of people who are living hundreds and thousands of miles away from rivers and oceans are eating fish every day or many times a week because of Industrial Fishing, Industrial Transportation, Industrial Refrigeration and Industrial Marketing.

In industrial society millions of tonnes of meat and fish are being sent from one country to another country, from one continent to another continent.

In pre-industrial society most of the meat eaters could eat meat only on special occasions.

In pre-industrial society most of the food was vegetarian most of the time.

In pre-industrial society most of the people were vegetarian most of the time.

In pre-industrial society very few animals and fish were available for killing and consumption in the absence of industrial farming of animals, industrial slaughter houses, industrial fishing, industrial transportation, industrial refrigeration, and industrial marketing.

In pre-industrial society bulls and cows were needed for ploughing and tilling the fields…….for milk and manure…….for drawing out water from the wells……Cow dung cakes were used as fuel for cooking …….There was no way farmers would kill them for meat because their very survival depended on them.

It was the arrival of tractors, electricity, diesel and electric pumps that made animals redundant for farming……..This led to mass slaughtering of cows.

Most of the people in this world are alive today because of cows and bulls………It was cows and bulls that kept people alive for 10,000 years during the agrarian stage……..It was cows and bulls that sustained agriculture and farming for 10,000 years during the agrarian stage.

Industrial society is slaughtering the very animal that kept its ancestors alive for 10,000 years in agrarian stage.

Everyone is killing animals in industrial society………Those who are not killing animals for food are killing them for consumer goods and services……..Every citizen of industrial society is a serial killer of animals, trees, air, water and soil.

Industrial activity for production of electricity, oil, car, computer, television, washing machine, mobile phone and thousands of other consumer goods and services has destroyed billions of acres of forests which has killed billions of wild animals.

Forests and animals have been destroyed by Mining Industry, Logging Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Construction Industry, Electricity Industry, Oil Industry, Road and Rail Industry, Ports and Airports.

Industrial activity for production of consumer goods and services has destroyed oceans which has killed billions of marine creatures.

Millions of tonnes of industrial chemicals, waste and oil spills have killed billions of fish and marine creatures.

Industrial activity has made the oceans acidic and warmer…….It has created oxygen deprived dead zones in oceans…….This has killed billions of fish.

Millions of tonnes of plastic waste has littered the land and oceans……..Millions of animals, coastal birds and fish are dying from either eating plastic or from getting entangled in plastic nets and ropes.

All this killing was absent in agrarian society.

Largescale hunting and poaching is a consequence of industrialization…….There was hardly any global trade in animal organs in pre-industrial society in the absence of Transportation Industry, Communication Industry and Marketing Industry.

Torture of cows for milk is also a consequence of industrialization………In pre-industrial society more than 99% of population lived in villages……..Most people had cows……..People consumed milk produced by their own cows……..There was very little selling of milk for money or profit……..There was very little torture of cows for milk.

In industrial society the urban population is not producing milk……..It is buying milk with money……..This has led to largescale torture of cows………Milk industry is torturing cows……..Milk corporations are torturing cows…….When the cows stop producing milk they are sent to the slaughter houses.

Animals are not the only ones being killed by industrial society……..Industrial society has killed animals, trees, air, water and soil…….Industrial society has killed all living and non-living things on earth……..Industrial society has killed forests, rivers, oceans and atmosphere…….Every citizen of industrial society is a serial killer of animals, trees, air, water and soil.

Today the entire world is collectively responsible for destroying the planet but the biggest role in this process of destruction was played by western civilization.

It was the west that started industrial revolution……….It was the west that forced industrial lifestyle on Asia, Africa and America whose cultures it had destroyed during the era of colonization.

We can use our time and energy for three kinds of activities……..Physical Work, Subjective Work (Experience) and Mental Work.

For millions of years on earth environment did not get destroyed because activity was limited to physical work or subjective experience………Millions of animal species did physical work……..Man did physical work when he lived in forests and agrarian stage…….A very small percentage of population that did not do physical work spent its time and energy on subjective experience – religion, spirituality, yoga, meditation, pranayama and the arts.

Largescale destruction of environment began when man started using his time and energy for mental work – Science, Technology, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Business, Finance, Economics………This led to invention of industrial machines and production (and selling) of thousands of consumer goods and services.

As long as we limited our activity to physical work or subjective experience we destroyed very little environment.

When we switched over to mental work / desk jobs, we started producing (and selling) consumer goods and ended up destroying the planet in just about 100 years.

Man has spent more than 99.9% of his time on earth in non-industrial societies.

Man lived in forests for hundreds of thousands of years……..Man lived in agrarian society for 10,000 years……..Man has lived in industrial society for just about 100 years during which he has destroyed the entire planet.

If Urban Society stops its supplies to Rural Society it will live forever.
If Rural Society stops its supplies to Urban Society it will die within a month.
That is the worth of Urban Jobs, Consumer Goods, Growth Rate, Economy Rate and GDP.
Industrialization was the biggest crime on earth.
Agrarian society was the limit for man on earth.

Millions of other species destroyed environment only for food.

Agrarian man destroyed environment for food, clothing and shelter.

Industrial man has destroyed environment for food, clothing, shelter PLUS thousands of consumer goods and services.

Industrial man has destroyed Exponential Extra Environment.


The collective work of human society must be limited to food, clothing and shelter………Millions of other species only get food from earth.

Millions of other species have already been decimated by industrial activity………Man is next on the list……..Human collapse will come with lightning speed now.
Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment