This blog is about my observations and experiences with the culture most people see as normal but I see as a death cult, that is the industrial empire. Industrialism is but the last manifestation of a nature alienated humanity but as it’s here most of humanity lives or is heading and it’s perhaps the most recognizable culture to us in these end days.We are living lives of near total disconnection to nature, the ultimate source of our well being, and as a culture we have the manifestation of sickness all about us to show us just how far we are from reality. The industrial culture is but the latest in a long line of nature disconnected cultures and empires that have been around for perhaps 10000 years. After all this time we are living in the final days as over population, pollution, resource depletion, water scarcity, soil degradation and food scarcity all combine to take their toll on the human species.It is a grim reminder of just how dangerous this culture has been and increasingly is as each day brings new horrors to our own species and the millions of other species standing on the brink of extinction because of the industrial empires activities.

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