I am extremely cautious of people whose actions do not match their words.

aim-logoI love nature and animals to the point of extremism – A way of life that honors the earth, animals and my ancestors. I despise industrial society – meaning most people who embrace it and that believe that it holds some kind of integrity and progress for humanity, which in fact has destabilized the natural world and has become the threat to all existence on earth. The corruption of my peoples Nature Based Spirituality is a deep concern for me. I believe that most are unconscious to the fact, of how deeply rooted in one’s psyche industrial society has perverted.

I constantly question everything and everyone, including myself and what others would call my own – The assimilated indigenous people… I believe no one when they state that they understand our existence, “why” or “why not” who and where we may have derived from.

Consumerism – The protection or promotion of the interests of consumers. This is what we are – some more so than others, generic servants, wage slaves to an industrial society, committed to a false sense of security – the economy, with some small exception, to the color of our skin or religious-spiritual beliefs, of which all rely on the product manufacturing industry that allows us some sort of a contrived individuality – a community of individuals who have been reduced to a “worker”mentality and morality for the ultra rich, believing that our costumes are unique, an original idea that everyone else is a copy of. Industrial society has perverted our traditions and our cultures, to the point where the consumers of animal products like to believe and play that they are the victim, when the point is made that consuming animal products is harmful, not only to the planet, but to the consumer themselves and not to mention the animals, all animals including the free-living (wild).

The average consumer of a common intellect has become “fact-restant”, in light of the overwhelming evidence, that animal agriculture industry is the cause of most issues that plague the planet of today.

I support only the earth-animal based causes. Only until the consumers of animal products realized that the animals are the most oppressed group on the planet, will I support their cause as well.

I am a misanthrope with a philosophical pessimistic world view – Most people have evolved to the level of an unconscious lie, lying to themselves, their children, and to others!

I dont eat animals, because this is one of the biggest lies that industrial society is telling, to the billions who have assumed the position as a consumer.

In tribal cultures of the past, tradition changes, according to the ever changing of nature, this is traditional – because it is the nature that at one time dictated to the people what reality was – A Natural Reality, its still a reality but most can not see it!

The Earth and Animals are sacred TRULY where is the integrity in this statement. Invader cultures lie, progress was presented as a great accomplishment, and now it is the downfall of the supposed more advanced societies, and they are taking the rest of us down with them, as a drowning man would do to his savoir.