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The corporate-governments of the world are the responsible party. In fact they enable the consumption of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and marijuana!… most no longer have control over their bodies, as a mass we are easily manipulated, because we have been severed from any real sense of group decision making, as tribal peoples once had, consumers acting as individuals, and are not necessarily thinking of others as they would like to believe, as they would have if they were in true communal society, this is a deliberate act by the upper echelons of civil industrial society, so that there is a codependent relationship that has been formulated, which cause mass society to be dependent and then addicted to the conveniences of industrial society. Therefore I don’t trust most of what is said about liberation and revolution, revolution is really revolving power, even if it was communism or socialism the mass’s still need to consume and to be sedated, imposing their “mass consumer” will upon others who are innocent and less fortunate, like animals and tribal peoples. Ultimately exploiting the earth, with there need to sustain civil industrial society.

There is a fine example of a person, who is looked at as a kind of leader, who people believe and listens too, that’s John Trudell, who has now passed on, who had some very important things to say, but he was addicted to marijuana, tobacco and factory farmed animal flesh, and why didn’t he figured this out, that what he was consuming was not coherent to what he points out as inconsistency in modern civilization. Also, many consumers are pointing at a group of rich people as the oppressors and fear world domination, but are not willing to look at themselves as part of the problem, who are in fact collaborating with world domination, as it has already happened, by consumer society, until the consumer start to look at themselves and realized the power they hold, I will not take their word into consideration, when they speak of liberation, when it is evident that they are not willing grant the same liberties to those whom they are consuming!

This undercurrent developed with the rise of domestication, deepening and strengthening with the onset of the enveloping hopelessness of the first cities. As David T. Courtwright so keenly observed in Forces of Habit: Drugs and the Making of the Modern World:
“Humans evolved as gatherers (hunter) in itinerant bands. After the Neolithic Revolution, most of them lived as peasants in crowded, oppressive, and disease-ridden societies. The misery and grinding poverty that were the lot of 90 percent of humanity in the early modern would go far toward explaining why tobacco, marijuana and other novel drugs became objects of mass consumption. They were unexpected weapons against the human condition, newfound tools of escape from the mean prison of everyday existence.”The once-free were no longer so. Trapped inside, the now-broken were under a constant barrage of fear – the fierce coercion of the Big Man, the uncertainty of early agricultural food production, even the water that was once trusted to sustain was poisoned, diseased. It was no mere accident that the use of intoxicants grew rapidly into regular inoculations. In fact, inoculation is often what one intoxicant provided, as Bert L. Vallee discussed in Alcohol in the Western World: A History, his June 1998 Scientific American article:
“In the context of contaminated water supply, ethyl alcohol may indeed have been mother’s milk to a nascent Western civilization. Beer and wine were free of pathogens. And the antiseptic power of alcohol, as well as the natural acidity of wine and beer, killed many pathogens when the alcoholic drinks were diluted with the sullied water supply.”

Interconnectedness is a two way street. It’s nobodies right to poison their (our) children, community, environment or endeavors with the essence of oppression, the essence of greed and the essence of consumerism. How odd it is as anarchists to be so vexatious against brand names, advertising and capitalist economy but then sit down with a fucking red white and blue beer can and get drunk on the same shit that whites use to kill the indigenous nations of the Earth! How odd as a Vegan to care so deeply about the inherent rights of an ant or mosquito, but then smoke a joint that feeds a direct consumer link to cartel violence that enslaves whole cities and providences of indigenous peoples and Latinos for the drug lords reign!

Painting – Shapeshifter by Kerry Redwood Atjecoutay