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People who invented animal agriculture and who design airplanes and machines, etc… no matter how much they believe that what they do is good, these are tools of industrial civilization. It’s never unscathed. They’re cursed dreams. Today, all of humanity’s dreams are cursed, not beautiful or lived as they were before the invasion of industry, yet the dream of today is cursed… What I mean is, how do we know the progress is even worthwhile, look at the condition of nature, animal and the remaining free-living indigenous people, everything is about to be absorbed, assimilated, corrupted and perverted. Most of our world is rubbish as a result of the men who promote and violently enforce the progress of industrial society.
Nature based people lived their dreams in peace and with very little conflict, and invader barbarian cultures have taken the planet hostage!

Civilization is a lie.

Active participants in the slave trade – consumers of animal products that are coming from the animal agriculture industry!