McDonald’s, the meat industry, and chickens (from Food, Inc) – YouTube

Capitalist Pig, Bitch, Mad Cow, Yellow Chicken, Rezdog… No one of our relations is left safe from those insulting expressions which impregnates us so deeply that usually we let them out to despite ourselves. This vocabulary is not only scornful toward the animals but also it is unjust: the cows are mad only since they were forced feed with residual meat powder instead of their traditional vegetarian menu, the chicken are courageously facing their sad existences, a pig is dirty only if his concentration camp is not well-washed, and if a Rezdog claims to have a frenetic sexual activity, he would only be productive once a year in the dogs true matriarchal society in which a bitch is not a prostitute but a caring mother. This disrespect is significant: it is through the linguistic gathering that we conceive our thought, that we extract a sense from it, then a conscience, that moreover we pretend to be a human essence. What we call our language is the reveller of the out-look build on the creation and from the position that the human being imagine to take up in her name. So be it, to speak about environment instead of invoking the nature shows how the anthropocentric materialism dominates our actual system of thinking: the environment is not much than a pre-text surrounding this God in which the being recognizes his ego; he is no more the nature, this lost animist bliss, forgotten into the incarnate worlds reign. Following the religions that have already separated us from the life by conferring to the creation a divine status, the science teaches us to see in it as an escapee from the chaos mechanic, and governed by disincarnated laws. From now on we are ignoring the language of the nature or we only know it from diverse translation, religious or mechanical. But our explanations are false because the beauty is exiled. The one who loves the nature perceives a manifest form of solitude- her solitude- that lonely among the poets and the animals, may be, understand yet – The animal condition is the silent testimony of all that we have lost on our way: we who pretend to be human will only be relieved when contemplating with dread the whys and the wherefores, the nature has been abducted from the lands of our spirits