Kerry M Redwood Atjecoutay

A person who lives there life in the most ethical way possible, has no place in the general population of industrial soceity – by denouncing product consumption, abstaining from the most lethal, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana (drugs) animal products, processed foods, etc, (most that are manufactured by industrial society). Also abstaining from popular activities that are deemed normal by the general public, such as organized religion, events that are celebrated on a national and globally level and of course all other popular events.
This can be seen as anti social, but in the time of the ancients this was a mystic or a monk, at times practicing alone or as a group, and these mystics were constant in many cultures all over the world, and they still do exist to this day. The ones that the general population refused to take into consideration when they are professing their view – on the order of life, that is currently lived out by the general population, and if and when they do, they are either chastised, “not quite right in the head”, murdered, crucified or simply ignored seen as weird and or crazy – not worthy of any attention whatsoever, because they are not talking about things that stimulate the egocentrism of “human nature”!
BUT certain aspects of society may have been influenced and or inspired by mystics and monks, at most there name is used and there tellings mostly discarded because they did not fit the general mentality of the public opinion.