Kerry M Redwood Atjecoutay


It would seem, that at times this is all that we have is hope. Reflecting on the enormous task of “change”, changing our relationship with the planet and how we as a species conducted ourselves through our activities, specifically industrial society. For me and what I understand, the individuals of mass soceity are willing to change only certain aspect of life, of the the consumerist lifestyles.

The relationship we currently enable is one of degradation, oppression and for some unconscious to the ways we relate, to each other and to the animals, the task at hand maybe so enormous that it can not be seen, beyond the comprehension of any kind of direct action, that we believe are taking. Taking into consideration the consuming habits of the general population who reside in the “advanced industrialized nations”, understanding the all product derive from an industrial manufactured source, that affects the ecosystem that we are destroying with our collective activities, it is as though we are addicts who for the life of humanity can not change, and the only way out maybe is to “hit rock bottom” (this is a term used when people are recovering from drug addiction) and maybe this will be the only time when people realize that their relationship with industrial society is one of “codependency” (another term used in psychology for an involvement of a bad relationship with a spouse or lover)

So at this point maybe hope is all we have. It is evident to me, I don’t know about others, that most consumers are not willing to change, or is it… that I am the one who is feeling hopeless and I am simply projecting my insecurities.

Writing about this subject is a continuous task, I have in hope that industrial soceity and human population growth, will be seen for what it really is, the only evil that really exists for all the entire sentient world!

My desire is to rewild the planet, of which is a hopeless task and may only be accomplished by a total collapse of industrial soceity!

Harvesting the Biosphere: The Human Impact