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Cloven Hoofed Satan is by far a much kinder beast, but nothing more than an artistic archetype. A state of consciousness, as is the theory of the One-God… It’s time to stop believing into monotheistic tales, written down by the servants of a patriarchal society, as-though heaven “n” hell was a plan at the center of the Great Mystery! (the universe) – Oh Wait… there is no Mystery for them!…

Great atrocities have been committed by man against animal, humanity and the earth, in the name of god(s) and progress.

It is suggested that science is self correcting and it would seem that monotheism is also? The advanced civilization that invaded the indigenous peoples and nature, at this time has proven itself, not be self correcting.

Look at the physical reality that we exist in today, only a human could have possibly created this situation, if one is searching for demons to blame, we need only to look in the mirror and what we are consuming, in terms of product of which derives from the earth, and the renewable resources, such as the animal agriculture industry. It’s all right there on our dinner plate!

Photo 1888 – Poison a Cheyenne woman almost 100-years-old:…/File:Poison,_a_Cheyenne_wom…