Against Civilized Man

“Over the past 500 years, the Indigenous peoples have managed to survive the civilizing process but much has been lost to assimilation. Now we must rebuild our memory and determine on what basis we will build our future.  This is a declaration of war based on the order imposed upon us by the dominant cultures of which I deny the right to validate my understanding of the current world around us”.

Many people desire an existence free of coercive authority, where all are at liberty to shape their own lives as they choose for the sake of their own personal needs, values, and desires. For such freedom to be possible, no individual person can extend his or her sphere of control upon the lives of others without their choosing.

Many who challenge oppression in the modern world strive toward their conception of a “free society” by attempting to merely reform the most powerful and coercive institutions of today, or to replace them with “directly democratic” governments, community-controlled municipalities, worker-owned industrial federations, etc. Those who prioritize the values of personal autonomy or wild existence have reason to oppose and reject all large-scale organizations and societies on the grounds that they necessitate imperialism, slavery and hierarchy, regardless of the purposes they may be designed for.A currency depended slave society is civilization’s current dominant manifestation.A currency slave economy is controlled mainly by state-chartered corporations; these organizations are owned by stockholders who are free to make business decisions without being held personally accountable for the consequences. Legally, corporations enjoy the status of individuals, and thus an injured party can only target the assets of the company in a court case, not the possessions or property of the individual shareholders.Those employed by corporations are legally required to pursue profit above all other possible concerns (e.g., ecological sustainability, worker safety, community health, and animal welfare), a person can be fired, sued, or prosecuted if they do otherwise.As a technologically (scientifically) advanced form of civilization, A currency depended slave society encroaches upon and utilizes even greater territory, causing further reduction of the space available for life to freely flourish and move for its own purposes. Like civilization, currency dependent slaves conscripts both human Animal and non-human animal life into servitude if regarded as useful, and if regarded as otherwise it is disposes of.Under a currency depended slave society, most animals and people spend the majority of each conscious day (typically 8-12 hours) engaged in meaningless, monotonous, regimented, and often physically and mentally injurious labor or activitys to obtain basic necessities… like begging for food, from you the animal trainer or better yet the prison guard.Privileged individuals also tend to work intensively and extensively, but typically to respond to social pressure or to satisfy an addiction to commodified goods, services and substances for pleasure . Because of the dullness, alienation, and disempowerment that characterizes the average daily experience, civilization exhibits high rates of depression, mental illness, suicide, drug addiction, dysfunctional and unconscious abusive relationships as we can see with ZOO’s Dolphinariums, circuses and other animal attractions, along with other numerous vicarious modes of existence (e.g., through television, movies, pornography, video games, internet, facebook etc).Because mass organizations must increase production to maintain their existence and to expand, they tend to imperialistically extend their scope of influence. Because cities and industries rely upon outside inputs, they aim to seize the surrounding areas for industrial use like large scale factory farming, manufacturing resadential sub-devisions ZOO’s and aquatic centers, rendering it inhospitable to both non-human ecosystems and self-sufficient human communities.

These areas will expand in relation to any increase in popularity and population. One could argue that industrial production could be maintained and yet scaled down, leaving ecosystems and non-industrial peoples some room to co-exist. Firstly, this proposal invites the question of why civilization should determine its own boundaries, instead of the victims of its predation. Secondly, there are no historical examples of production economies that do not expand, mainly because they must expand after depleting the resources available to them at any given time.

The structural complexity and hierarchy of civilization must be refused, along with the political and ecological imperialism that it propagates across the globe. Hierarchical institutions, territorial expansion, and the mechanization of life are all required for the administration and process of mass production to occur.

Only small communities of self-sufficient individuals can coexist with other beings, human or not, without imposing their authoritarian will upon them.

The Liberation from a currency depended slave society is TRUE freedom


Chemicals and Factory Farms.

Animals raised in confinement create an ideal setting for bacteria and disease to spread rapidly. Antibiotics were developed around the time of World War II and were soon adapted into the farming system. In the U.S and other parts of the world like Europe and S.America., almost 50% of all antibiotics are administered to farm animals. These drugs form a toxic residue in animal tissue. It is much of this same tissue that is sold to consumers as food products. Each year, we see an increase in the number of salmonella poisoning cases from contaminated eggs, meat and milk. These strains of salmonella are difficult to treat because they are antibiotic resistant. Antibiotics are not the only chemicals administered to factory farm animals; many animals are fed growth-promoting hormones, appetite stimulants and pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and aflatoxins that collect in the animals’ tissues and milk.