(VIDEO) Coal Oil Gas None Shall Pass Banner Drop at Port Metro Vancouver



from West Coast Native News

This morning, activists with Rising Tide-Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories dropped a banner reading “Coal, Oil, Gas: None Shall Pass” outside Port Metro Vancouver’s head office at Canada Place, in opposition to the proposed Fraser Surrey Docks coal terminal.

“This coal export project is part of a push to make BC a gateway to profits for the fossil fuel industry. While a coal terminal may be on the radar now, we are facing a juggernaut of fossil fuel development that puts our climate, water and health at risk for the sake of corporate profit and Christy Clark and Stephen Harper are acting as the industry’s top salespeople,” said Chandra Tung of Rising Tide.

The group’s message to stop fossil fuel exports falls within the 30 day comment period on the Fraser Surrey Docks Environmental Impact Assessment, which has been widely criticized by resident groups, local governments, medical researchers and health authorities for failing to adequately consider the human health, local environment and climate impacts of the proposal.

The protest also comes as Kinder Morgan prepares to file its application to twin the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline next week, and a recommendation from the Enbridge Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel is expected before the end of the month.

Tung continued, “Port Metro Vancouver is meant to operate in the public interest, but it’s acting like the coal industry’s best friend. Communities are fed up with being trampled by the port, and are coming together to fight back. We are here today to tell the port: if you build it, we will block it! B.C. cannot continue to just export fossil fuels and pretend they are not part of the problem.”

If built, the Fraser Surrey Docks project would export 8 million metric tonnes of coal annually, and be responsible for 17 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year. When combined with the Lower Mainland’s existing coal export capacity, the Fraser Surrey Docks project would result in the region becoming North America’s biggest coal exporter.

Rising Tide is part of a global network of climate and environmental justice activists who work to address the root causes of environmental destruction. The group has consistently worked with communities facing large scale industrial energy projects while sending a consistent message that communities have the right to say “no.”

Rising Tide has launched a ‘Flood the Port’ campaign, asking people to voice their opposition to the Fraser Surrey Docks proposal on the last day of the public comment period, and pledge to take to the streets to stop the coal terminal from being built if Port Metro Vancouver approves the project. The pledge is available at:www.risingtide604.ca.

My source of information is: http://earthfirstjournal.org/newswire/2014/03/16/video-coal-oil-gas-none-shall-pass-banner-drop-at-port-metro-vancouver/

A lesson in animal cruelty

A lesson in animal cruelty from the 1920’s sex idol, Betty Boop. This cartoon dated 1936 was banned for showing brutality to animals and people.


Hoping that he doesn’t become perverted by the adult carnist that will ridicule him as he grows

Fishing Without Nets (Short Film)

A story of pirates in Somalia told from the perspective of a struggling, young Somali fisherman. Among other awards, this short film won the Grand Jury Prize in short filmmaking at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

THE CONDITION OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES are seriously overlook, they can not hunt or fish anymore, they are constantly patronized, the first world sending them aid, if that even happens, their lands are exploited by corporation.

It is so obvious to me that the problem is us, who live in the countries that benefit from the exploitation, rich, middle working class and poor, very few of us truly make an effort to change our consuming habits, and even if we did what would most of us eat? we would have to learn how to grow our own food,and if we are still working to get by, this becomes very difficult to maintain a way of life compatible with the manifested version of western civilizations utopia, there are alternative foods, like locally grown, produced or manufactured foods, but their are also the ones with less money, who rely on mass produced and cheap factory farmed animal flesh and the majority of these consumers are poor therefore a vicious circle of consumption an indirect and direct exploitation committed by consumer and big corporation.