One thought on “Morris

  1. My great grandfather Paul Acoose form Cowessess First Nation.
    In Saskatchewan’s Qu’Appelle Valley nearly one hundred years ago, the cheers from Victoria Day, Dominion Day and Labour Day celebrations reverberated throughout the village of Grenfell. Treaty #4 had been signed by the Qu’Appelle Valley Indians in 1874 and the Riel Rebellion of 1885 had passed without local Indian involvement. In keeping with the spirit of the changing times, Indians from neighbouring reserves camped at the edge of town ready to join in the camaraderie of competition.
    Ox races, horse races, novelty sprints, tug-o-war, catching a greasy pig or climbing a greasy pole fired the competitive spirit of the homesteaders while the Indians concentrated their efforts on pony races and the featured long distance foot race.

    It was during such a celebration that a young Saulteaux named Paul Acoose first showed his prowess as a long distance runner. Outstanding as his speed and endurance may have seemed, young Paul was simply following Indian tradition. Running not for the necessity of the hunt or the glory of war, but for the world of professional sport in the White man’s arena.

    Indian “work running”, ceremonial running and inter-tribal competitive running games never ceased to amaze outsiders.


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